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Omikron is a massive city-state in which the people are ruled blindly by an ancient supercomputer and a communist dictator with an iron fist who carries out the computer's orders. Little do the people of Omikron know that a demon lord from the last circle of Hell is the true power behind their land's governance. The Nomad Soul, a foretold hero, enters Omikron through his computer and becomes trapped in this parallel realm. Desperate to escape back to his own world, and to help new-found friends fight the dark forces guiding Omikron, the Nomad Soul does what he must to liberate Omikron for ever.
Okay so maybe I am just biased by my unending adoration for David Bowie but I am also a big fan of great games and this is one. Interesting plot to this RPG that is not overdone. The music and scenarios are unique from every other game I have played. Lovely :)
This game is in a very real sense, very good. You are the Nomad Soul - a disembodied spirit in a hostile world. You must possess the inhabitants and use their bodies in order to free the world of Omnikron from its demonic overlord. During your (third person perspective) adventure, you will encounter 3d fighting sections, 1st person shooting areas, and concerts by David Bowie himself in seedy nightclubs!

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